Open Source A Visual vStudio project is available for those that want to add features etc. Information for Hackers The internal web server serves files from the CommonApplicationData folder, typically C:\ProgramData\dmlb\webmc\htdocs. You can put whatever you like in here to replace/overwrite the default UI. The images used in the default UI are stored as resouces in the application. There is no particular reason not to have them in the CommonApplicationData folder. Navigating to an unknown URL will generate a missing page report that gives usage information. All internal pages serve data as HTML, JSON or PNG (for images) depending on the extentension specified to the query: /albums/a returns HTML /albums/a.html returns HTML /albums/a.json returns JSON JSON properties starting with "x-" are internal/debugging data, and must not be relied upon for use. webMC Main Screen webMC Album Popup SOFTWARE Webmc is a simple touchscreen based music controller for Windows Media Center. The UI is simple by design - I just want to browse my music collection to play albums without having to turn my TV on. The toughest requirement is that my wife has to be able to use it! Webmc has three parts: 1. A WMC plugin that implements a small HTTP server to give some control and retrives music listing as JSON 2. A web page for playing music, specifically designed for my 800x480 touch screen LCD from Nanovision 3. An AutoHotKey script/executable to change the default sound output between my TV and Q- Acoustics speakers. The screen shots show the main features of the UI: Volume down/up/mute buttons Output sound to TV, Speakers buttons Play/Pause Playing media status Close popup Scroll artists left Jump to artists starting with these letters (multiple presses cycle through the letters) Scroll artists right Albums arranged by artist Album popup Album details Track Listing Play now button Queue button Dowvnload and Installation Installation is a breeze: Download the windows installer. After installing, re-start Windows Media Player. Point a web browser at localhost host port 40960. I only have Windows 7-64 bit machines, and do not guarantee that this works on any machines other than mine! Please send me feedback on your experiences using Webmc.